Forbes Magazine - True Grit: Back at the Ranch's Wendy Henry On Reinventing Cowboy Boots

Posted by Kerri Lakatos on

Rugged, durable, and nostalgic are perhaps the best words to describe one of the most enduring pieces in American fashion—cowboy boots. For all those who have watched enough John Wayne and Clint Eastwood films, you understand that these shoes, in essence, were made to tackle the rough, sandy terrain of the Wild West. They were engineered to be the ideal riding boot, corralling cattle on the open range. Then, over time, their practical qualities were eschewed for more fanciful trappings. The heels were made higher, rounded toes became pointed, and the bland cowhide material was replaced with exotic leathers and decorative motifs. Just like the cowboy per se, these boots became the stuff of legend. Read more...

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