Boots for Every Occasion: Fashion-forward Cowgirl Style

Curating a collection of fabulous boots is every cowgirl’s birthright, and every frontier fashionista knows: A girl can never have too many boots.

When Back at the Ranch opened in 1990, the Western boots industry desperately

needed fashion-forward ideas about color and material to complement its renowned craftsmanship. Owner Wendy Henry set a new standard in the Western footwear market by implementing cutting-edge styles that would make any rodeo queen jump for joy. Back at the Ranch has endless combinations of acid-washed metallic cowhide, alligator and ostrich leathers, intricate tooling and floral inlays.

Cowboy boots can be worn with everything from jeans to cocktail dresses. Wendy believes that every woman should have a mule, a zippered boot, an all-weather boot and a one all-time favorite pair that you just love. And you absolutely must have a black exotic skin in your collection. A black alligator boot is like having that perfect little black dress.

Ankle Zipper Boots complement pants, dresses, leggings and skirts.

Most importantly, wear boots and enjoy them. That is what they are meant for.

Paraphrased from Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine

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