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pabloDesign Your Own Custom Boots

We have made hundreds of custom cowboy boots for our customers over the last twenty years. From politicians to country music stars to filmmakers... each custom-designed boot is designed, fit and hand-crafted to last a lifetime by our family of skilled bootmakers using old-world craftsmanship, the finest quality materials and your unique design.

To get started with a custom-designed boot, here's what we need to know to get started on your pair:

  1. Select A Boot:  Look through our website and find a pair of boots that are roughly comparable as the kind of boots you would like us to make for you. These will be the basis for your pair for us to discuss your unique pair.
  2. Provide Artwork:   Find an example of the art you would like to use for your boots. Once you have decided on the artwork, send us a copy so that our staff can discuss the cost/design particulars of how to translate the provided artwork into a successful boot design.

Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in getting you started in making your own pair of boots.

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